AquaFed is a non-profit organization ruled by Association 1901 status (France) and a Code of Ethics.

AquaFed is governed by its Members through an annual General Assembly, at which they appoint the President, the Executive Committee and determine the organization's objectives and strategies.

AquaFed’s President is directing the Executive Committee that is responsible for:

  • Developing the Federation’s positions on the world’s water challenges.
  • Overseeing the pursuit of the Federation’s objectives

The Executive Committee

  • Frédéric VAN HEEMS, President

  • Cyril COURJARET, Vice-President

  • Juan Antonio GUIJARRO, Vice-President

  • Criselle ALEJANDRO, Member of the Committee

  • Aurélie COLAS, Member of the Committee

  • Mamadou DIA, Honorary President and Member of the Committee

  • Dominique GATEL, Member of the Committee

  • Alejandro JIMENEZ MARCONI, Member of the Committee

  • Mark MULLER AGUIRRE, Member of the Committee

  • Lorena SCHMITT, Member of the Committee

  • Alejandra SUAREZ, Member of the Committee

  • Gerard PAYEN, Honorary President

The Secretariat

The secretariat is based in Paris and Brussels, and supports the Federation’s missions. The multicultural team is comprised of water professionals with significant field experience. The team relies on a worldwide network of industry colleagues and works in close cooperation with national and corporate members.

Within the membership, AquaFed secretariat coordinates federation thematic working groups on PPP and Performance, Rights to water and to sanitation, Water quality and benchmarking, the 2030 goals.

Over the years, the Federation secretariat has been active on all continents and in all main water related conferences and involved in international discussion on water issues.

The President and Executive Director are responsible for administrating AquaFed on a day-to-day basis

  • Frédéric VAN HEEMS, President
  • Neil DHOT, Executive Director
  • Thomas VAN WAEYENBERGE, Senior Adviser
  • Sylvaine COURAYE, Office Manager

Every year, the secretariat is supported by temporary staff, if you are young professional, or a university student looking for a first experience, do not hesitate to send us your CV.

Legal Information, Trademark information and Copyright notice

All information on this website is copyrighted by AquaFed © - all rights reserved (2005-2024) except where indicated. Information can be shared on the condition that appropriate reference is given. AquaFed is a registered trademark name, filed since 2005 with the appropriate authorities.

This website is hosted in France and is operated in accordance with French and EU legislation (and in particular GDPR). In particular, the website complies with dispensations 6, 7 and 8 of the French Communication Act: French Law n° 2004-575 of June 21, 2004. The AquaFed website is a non-commercial website presenting the AquaFed, a "type 1901 Association". The AquaFed team takes compliance with French and European law seriously and will never transfer your data to third parties. You have a right to consult, edit and request deletion of your database entry if you signed up to our mailing list. This website is maintained by the AquaFed team under supervision of its President, Mamadou Dia. The technical contact person is Thomas Van Waeyenberge (

  • AquaFed was incorporated on March 3, 2005 as a non-for-profit non-governmental organisation under the French Law governing "associations under the Law 1901". Profile is visible under the French official website: Our UN ECOSOC NGO database entry is accessible here.
  • AquaFed SIRET number: 48464640100022
  • AquaFed Intra-European VAT number is: FR 0748464601

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