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Aquafed The international Federation of Private Water Operators

Latest News

  • April 27th, 2015

    Thought-provoking message on the World, Water and Sustainable Business
    AquaFed's Executive Director gave a keynote speech at the World Business Council for Sustainable ...

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  • April 27th, 2015

    WBCSD releases WasteWater Reuse teaser video


    We are happy to share the World Business Council for Sustainab...

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Welcome to the website of AquaFed®

The international Federation of Private Water Operators

AquaFed is an association set up to connect international organisations with private sector providers of water and sanitation services. It does this on the international scene, representing the operators through direct membership or through their national associations. AquaFed membership is open to all privately controlled companies irrespective of their size or location.

Latest Events

Breaking News - Updated AquaFed Performance Brochure
AquaFed and its members observe steady growth of water PPPs, a trend that is noted by other observers. This growth is the response to several factors including – tight public budgets, growing demands, need for efficiency, cost control and technological advances.
The number of people served by the private sector has passed the 1 Billion mark.
More than 1 billion people, 1 in 7 of the world population, now benefit from water/wastewater services delivered by Private Water Operators.
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2015-03_cover_brochurev2.jpgRelease of updated "Performance Brochure": For the 7th World Water Forum, AquaFed has updated and extended the booklet "Private operators delivering performance for water-users and public authorities" originally issued in 2012 for the 6th World Water Forum. (pdf)

An interactive map is available here where you can visit case by case. Additional information will be posted to it.


Latest Events

  • April 17th, 2015
    AquaFed participated in the 7th World Water Forum
    The AquaFed team took part in the largest water-related event in the world from April 12-17 2015 in the Republic of Korea (Daegu & Gyeongju). 
    For the Federation it was a prime opportunity to interact - together with the international water community - with Heads of States, Ministers,
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  • April 27th, 2015
    Global Water Intelligence Conference: "Where Water Meets Money"
    AquaFed participates in the GWI conference in Athens, Greece -  April 27 & 28, 2015.
    Aquafed President M. DIA will join the "Global Water Leaders" conference (url)
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