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Report back from the Stockholm World Water Week

AquaFed attended the 2016 Stockholm World Water Week , organising two sessions on women and employment in the water sector. The Federation co-organised these sessions together with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), Women for Water Partnership (WfWP), the NG0 BORDA, and the Stockholm International Water Institute.

The first session dealt with the employment of women within the water sector and the career paths of women in different professions within this male dominated employment environment. The session titled “How did she get there?” profiled career paths from microbiologist Prof. Joan Rose, this year’s Stockholm Water Prize Laureate, through international political based career with Dr. Uschi Eid to personal stories of women from private water operators in Europe and internationally, Ms. Diane d´Arras, and Senegal, Ms. Dieynaba Ly.

During this session AquaFed also released its most recent publication “Water and Jobs – Private Operators: employers and job creators"

The second session co-organized by AquaFed was dedicated to the unseen labour of women in the water sector. “The missing link” session concentrated on the key role women play in time, energy and health consuming daily activities such as fetching water. It also highlighted the impact and economic implications of this hard work and its effect on women´s lives and the development of their families and communities. In the panel AquaFed stressed the contribution of private water operators to erase these burden of unrecognised and unpaid work as their purpose is to deliver reliable and safe water to people and to treat wastewater. 

Having participated in the drafting of the UN-Water publication “Water and sanitation interlinkages across the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, AquaFed took part in the launch event of the publication and facilitated a segment in the UN-Water Stakeholder Dialogue round-table on economic interlinkages.

As partner of UN-Water, AquaFed attended and contributed to the annual meeting of this coordination mechanism of the United Nations on water celebrated in the framework of the Stockholm World Water Week.

To learn more about AquaFed at the conference and the work of the Federation please see the interview the Federation gave to World Water TV 

March 14th 2015


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