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Private operators reaffirm commitment to SDGs and tackle climate change

02 October 2018


Private operators reaffirm joint commitment to deliver SDGs and tackle climate change

Private water and sanitation operators have underlined their commitment to help public authorities and States deliver the SDGs and tackle the impacts of climate change.

The declaration came at AquaFed’s Annual Meeting, where members strengthened their ability to share knowledge on how to ensure everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.

AquaFed’s members range from multi-nationals to small operators working in rural areas in developing countries, serving small villages. They all work under contract for public authorities to deliver water and sanitation services to people.


Mamadou Dia, President, said:

“We know that world is not on track to deliver SDG6 and we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Billions of people are still in need of safely managed water and sanitations services.”

“But private operators have solutions and huge amounts of valuable experience. We are fully committed to the SDGs but also the social, economic and environmental goals local to where we work. Our members are committed to work alongside all partners to turn the human rights to water and sanitation into a reality for all.”


AquaFed confirmed that Spanish water and sanitation operator FCC Aqualia has joined the association. There are also exciting changes to AquaFed’s Executive Committee, further strengthening its diversity and reflecting its global nature. Newly appointed to the Committee are:


  • Criselle Alejandro, Vice President, Balibago Waterworks (Philippines)
  • Jessica Lopez Saffie, Executive Chairman, ANDESS (Chilean association of water operators)
  • Rafael Perez Feito, International Operations Director, Aqualia (Spain)
  • Tristan Mathieu, Delegate General, FP2E (French private water operators’ association)


Mr Dia added: “The new Executive Committee members bring new energy and huge experience to the leadership of the Association. We are now even better placed to do our job of contributing to the international strengthening of the water and sanitation sector.”



The Annual Meeting concluded with a working session with the Chair of the Sanitation and Water for All Alliance (SWA), Mr. Patrick Moriarty. AquaFed is a staunch supporter of this network and aims to strengthen SWA’s endeavours to bring governments and stakeholders around the same table to prioritize water and sanitation in their actions and commitments (for more information: http://sanitationandwaterforall.org/). AquaFed is also the Chair of the Private Sector constituency at SWA.