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Press release - Fundamental challenges for water utilities remain the same

20 March 2018

The ability to recover costs, robust regulation and commitment to a long-term vision remain the three fundamentals to effective utilities, according to AquaFed.

These were among the key messages given by Dominique Gatel, of Veolia, when he gave a presentation on behalf of AquaFed at the IRC WASH Symposium (12-14 March). He also said that a twin-track approach is needed for reform, both at sector level and municipal level. At sector level, finance for water needs to be ring-fenced and service standards/KPIs set. At municipal level, action is needed to deliver the sector reform, such as clear interaction between utilities and regulators and contracts formalising the delivery to standards.

The WASH Symposium was a two-day event (12-14 March) focused on systems approaches to develop and improve the delivery of WASH services around the world. The emphasis was on the latest best practise of what works on the ground and how improvements can be measured.

Check out D. Gâtel's presentation

AquaFed and the IRC are members of the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership.

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