14/04/20Safe drinking Water 

Our message to customers about COVID19

You can depend on us:  a message from our members about the COVID19 pandemic


Through these extremely difficult, uncertain and anxious times, you can depend on AquaFed members to provide the same world class service that you have come to expect from them.


You, your family, friends and colleagues can all feel totally assured that we stand shoulder to shoulder with the municipalities and public authorities that we are working for, and that our priority is you the customer.


Our members have the training, skills and experience to work in the severest of conditions, to provide you with the water and sanitation services that you rely on. Water companies have implemented contingency plans in order to minimize the short-term impacts of COVID-19 and guarantee both the quality and reliability of the services provided.


It is really important for you to remember that the tap water that we provide is completely safe - there is no risk of the Covid19 being present in tap water.


Simultaneously, very special attention is being paid to the safety of the employees by providing personal protection equipment, redesigning working shifts, adjusting working areas and implementing health and safety specific working protocols.


We have prepared our teams to continue to operate essential water and wastewater services on behalf of public authorities and also work safely in the streets if they are needed to fix problems. If you see someone repairing a pipe or dealing with a leak, their priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe at this time they will be following your government’s guidance on appropriate distancing. 


We understand that because of the current situation with the economy and your jobs, some of you will be concerned about paying your tariffs. In some countries, governments are working with us directly on how they want us to assist. But our message to all customers is that private water companies are here to help and you should not hesitate to contact them.


Water companies, in coordination with the corresponding local authorities, have adopted measures like the suspension of non-payment service disconnections, free water provision to medicalized hotels, payment plans or subsidies for vulnerable clients or the reinforcement of remote customer care channels (telephone, websites, social networks, mobile apps) to mitigate the impact of the mandatory closing of customer offices.


Private water operators work across the world and serve around 10% of the world’s population. We are part of international networks including AquaFed and others including at United Nations and the World Health Organisation. This means we have huge experience and knowledge and are constantly learning from each other and sharing best techniques and ideas on how to work during the pandemic. Our objective is to help keep you safe and ensure you can rely on essential water and wastewater services.

We will continue to help each other, and the public authorities we work for, to help you keep safe from the virus and to recover from it.