24/11/20Global Issues 

Citizens’ voices on water #Water2Me

AquaFed is proud to be a lead organiser of a unique campaign to listen to the voices of citizens about how they value water and sanitation and the role it plays in their lives.

The campaign is organised by UN Water and relates to World Water Day 2021 and the next World Water Development Report, which is on the topic of Valuing Water. 

There is always a campaign to publicise the report. But this year AquaFed, a UN Water member, volunteered to lead the campaign alongside global trade union organisation PSI, and introduce a new element where the opinions of citizens will also be formally gathered. 

These voices of citizens will also be formulated into a report and presented and discussed at United Nations and other international fora on water and sanitation.

If you are reading this, we need you to encourage as many people as you can to take part. All the information about the campaign is on the World Water Day website

AquaFed will do everything we can to encourage the voices of citizens and push for their voices to be heard at the highest levels at the UN and State governments.

World Water Days takes place every year on March 22.