09/01/17Wastewater Services 

Brazil – 2. Sustainability Award (Sindcon)

The Sao Paulo based National Union of Private Operators of Public Water and Wastewater Utilities (SINDCON), the technical arm of the Brazilian AquaFed Member ABCON, launches the 2017 edition of its Sustainability Award.


Inscriptions are open.


The initiative is open to employees of all private sanitation companies in Brazil, and aims to highlight innovative projects carried out by these companies in the following three areas

  • Management
  • Technical projects
  • Institutional (projects, that bring improvements to the company´s image and to community relations)


In addition to recognizing the initiatives and professionals involve, the award seeks to raise awareness about the sanitation sector in Brazil demonstrating not only the company´s management, innovation and transparency capacity, but also the availability of cooperation with the public sector as a way to expand the public-private partnership.



The SINDCON Sustainability Award will be awarded in the second half of 2017.


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