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AquaFed stresses the need for systems strengthening for improved WASH services

AquaFed stresses the need for systems strengthening for improved WASH services

08 October 2018

Systems strengthening in WASH is crucial because it is the way public authorities and States can attract the finance needed to meet their national targets and achieve SDG6.

Infrastructure projects at all scales are necessary – and ones that achieve economic, social and environmental goals. But there are many other essential system factors – particularly legal and regulatory, that are still not being addressed adequately in the water and sanitation sector.


These were among the messages from AquaFed in a series of videos for the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership (SWA) during its focus on systems strengthening this month. AquaFed represents the private sector on the SWA’s Steering Committee.


Neil Dhot, Executive Director, AquaFed, said: “The private sector offers plenty of assistance in systems strengthening. We provide technical input and have entrepreneurs and innovators willing to risks and find new solutions. The private sector is also a force for bringing much needed private capital into the water and sanitation sector. We are also pioneering exciting new models of service delivery that are totally rethinking the way we look at sanitation, and are proving that it really is a value creator and generator”.


Speaking on behalf of the SWA’s private sector partners, AquaFed also stressed the importance of the SWA in raising the profile of water and sanitation and delivering real action. The SWA’s ability to convene ministers, as seen at the Sector Ministers’ Meeting earlier this year, and its platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogue, are incredibly useful for the private sector.


Neil Dhot, added: “We are very proud to be a private sector partner in the Sanitation and Water for All Partnership. It is a platform that is already leading to positive change in the sector that ultimately fulfils people’s human rights to water and sanitation.”


The videos are available on the SWA website.  More about the SWA’s private sector partners are here.