22/03/20Special Issues 

AquaFed's World Water Day 2020 Commitment

Public private partnerships in water and sanitation will stand strong in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the long-term challenge of climate change


Just as we face up to the daunting and complex challenges of climate change, the planet is being severely hit by the COVID-19 crisis. Private operators are continuing to work tirelessly alongside public authorities on efforts to overcome both these severe challenges and to deliver the best water and sanitation services now and in the future.


On World Water Day, private water operators repeat their commitment to work under the direction of public authorities and do everything we can to tackle the very imminent and long-term risks.


For decades, private water and wastewater services operators have been called in by public authorities to implement their policies on safe water and wastewater management. Today's daunting task entails a much higher hygiene level: this requires clear directions, and we pay tribute to the WHO, and the entire UN-Water community, for the recommendations to contain Covid-19, in all public and private spaces. We pay tribute to our awarding authorities, and commit to continuity of service and health security. 


The World Water Day links the live crisis with the developing one: climate change. What are the commonalities? 


Firstly, the irreplaceable role of public authorities, to make the choices in the best interests of citizens, taking account the social demand, economic fabric, and the natural environment. They also face challenges, including unifying people to best confront the crisis. 


Second, the need, more than ever, to separate roles but share actions/solutions: the experts, the decision makers, the operators, the legal systems. We have to decide without having all the cards in our hands. But we must decide nevertheless and be bold, with best anticipations, but without certainty. 


And thirdly, the money. Societies cannot do everything in one go. But preserving health is the direction to follow on the compass, and doing so by enabling new sustainable development pathways to emerge.


Private operators are committed to fulfil their mission in delivering essential services to citizens and being day and night in the trench, at the side of authorities which entrust them.


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