23/08/17Global Issues 

AquaFed at Stockholm World Water Week 2017

From 27th to 31st of August, 2017, AquaFed represented the community of private water operators at the World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden.


The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) hosts and organises the annual World Water Week. This year, the conference celebrated its 27th edition with over 3,220 participants from 133 countries including representatives from governments, international organisations, academia, civil society, and the private sector.


This year´s focus was “Water and waste: Reduce and reuse” important themes that AquaFed has promoted for many years. Next year, the conference will highlight the theme “Water, Ecosystems and Human Development”. It will take place from 26th – 31st of August, 2018.


Throughout the conference links were made between this theme and other relevant issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals, financing, the gender perspective, human rights, or valuing water. Etc. .. In adidion, important upcoming conferences and meetings used this week as a preparatory platform such as the 8th World Water Forum or the High Level Political Forum.


The Federation co-organised a seminar and a full day session and was further on involved in the implementation of various sessions as speaker or facilitator:



Session: “Understanding the gender dimension of water and waste”

This session aims to show how gender roles and relations affect and are affected by WASH and water resource interventions. This understanding can increase sustainability and resource efficiency, and thereby enhance the benefits for all.

Further information on the session: here

Side-event: “Is wastewater a She? Linking SDG6.3 (wastewater) and SDG5 (gender)”

Participants discuss and explore the interlinkages of SDG6.3 and SDG5 and show examples of how women are affected differently by lacking wastewater management, but also how women play a key role in sustaining wastewater management service provision.

The session is co-organised by AquaFed, BORDA, International Labor Organization, Women for Water Partnership

Please follow the live-broadcast: here

Further information on the session: here

Conclusions and recommendations: here

Session: “Wastewater and Health – Managing risks and seizing opportunities”

This full-day, three-session-seminar explores options for in-depth risk assessments and identify targeted, innovative solutions to better manage wastewater, reducing risks to human health, and maximizing health co-benefits - all under the banner of the 2030 Agenda!

The seminar is co-organised by Aarhus University, AquaFed, Stockholm International Water Institute, World Health Organization.

Further information on the seminar: here

Session: “Financing wastewater treatment and resource recovery “

Resource Recovery and Reuse (RRR) is an important strategy to achieve several SDGs concerning environmental and human health, food security, waste and rural-urban linkages. How should financing mechanisms and business models be designed to ensure sustainable services and limited public resources leverage?  The session brings together practitioners, representatives from the public and private sector and development partners to review state of the art knowledge about the policy architecture, market mechanisms, institutional arrangements and incentive frameworks to facilitate RRR at scale. The session identifies regulatory barriers that constrain revenue generation.


The session is co-organised by Stockholm International Water Institute, 2030 Water Resources Group, CAF - Development Bank of Latin America, International Water Management Institute.

Further information on the session: here


Some impressions from AquaFed at the World Water Week 2017 in Stockholm: