15/03/18Global Issues 

AquaFed at 8th World Water Forum

AquaFed programme for download (here

Sunday – 18 Mach 2018

14.30 Room tbc - Panel on Water Stewardship to advance SDG6

Moderating a panel discussion called: Water stewardship to advance WASH outcomes (SDG 6.1/6.2). The discussion will have try to answer questions including:

  • How can we better integrate WASH into stewardship activities?
  • What is the business case for company involvement in WASH? contradict?
  • What is the role of private sector provision in improving WASH outcomes?
  • How do improvements in these WASH outcomes contribute to the other SDGs and contribute to better health, education, and livelihoods outcome?

Monday – 19 March 2018

14.30 Room tbc - Opening of the Thematic Process

Panel discussion.


16.30 Room 12 - Aquawareness

A special session organized about why it is essential water operators engage with users and have users actively participate in understanding the importance and value of water. We will speak about the need for public awareness and acceptance on the future challenges of water assets.

Tuesday – 20 March 2018

14.30 Room 23 - Realising the human right to sanitation

Panel discussion about the human right to sanitation at this forum organized.

Wednesday – 21 March 2018

9.00 Room 36 - Special session on water and urban poverty

Panel discussion.


16.30 Room 33 - Special session on the implementation roadmaps - from Korea to Brasilia

Panel discussion about the last three years of implementation roadmaps.

Thursday – 22 March 2018

14.30 Room tbc - Public or private provision: barriers and challenges to realising the human rights to water and sanitation:

Panel discussion about how economic incentives of private or public entities are aligned with social goals and interests.


14.30 Room tbc - Closing session of theme PEOPLE

Panel discussion.