08/03/18Safe drinking Water 

8 March is International Women´s Day

International Women’s Day is commemorated globally on 8 March. The global movement for women´s rights are on equality, safety, and justice. The theme for this year’s International Women´s Day is: “Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives”.


AquaFed´s work and the daily job of private water operators is safe drinking water and wastewater services. These services are key for the liberation of women, they transform women´s lives.


Today almost half the World’s women still have no adequate water and sanitation at home. Shortage, indignity, sickness, drudgery, deprivation – this is their water world. Women suffer the most from these deficiencies. Working for and with women, private water operators are engaged every day to change this. Delivering water and sanitation reliably changes a woman’s world.


People need water every day. Without an affordable and reliable supply of water and effective sanitation, basic human rights are infringed. This situation has an huge impact on women´s lives:


  • More than 1.6 million children under the age of five die every year simply because the water they drink is not safe.
  • 1.1 billion people around the world have no access to safe drinking water. That’s one person in 6.
  • 2.6 billion people around the world don’t have proper sanitation.


…and women still carry most of the world’s water. The task of providing water for households falls disproportionately to women and girls. Safe drinking water, a human right, is critical for human survival and development. A sufficient supply of biologically and chemically safe water is necessary for drinking and personal hygiene to prevent from water borne diseases like diarrheal diseases, trachoma, intestinal worm infections, stunted growth among children, and many other hazards from chemical contaminants like arsenic and lead. We all have to join to overcome this horrific situation and to get off the burden from the women´s shoulders. Save water services are key.


AquaFed highlights two important issues in the discussion on gender and water and wastewater services which have a ripple effect on only on every woman´s life but also on the societies they live in:

  • equality in service provision in safe drinking water and sanitation
  • equal access to jobs within the water sector 

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