Thomas Van Waeyenberge

Senior Adviser

Memberf the founding staff of AquaFed, Thomas has been a part of AquaFed since its beginnings in 2005, and is Senior Adviser and Head of the AquaFed liaison office in Brussels, Belgium. At the Federation, he is in charge of Institutional and European Affairs, and responsible for international stakeholder relationship management. He is the permanent representative of AquaFed to United Nations ESCOSOC in Geneva and New York.

Specialties and areas of interest include private sector provision of water and sanitation services, the developments around the rights to water and sanitation, gender and water governance issues, international development policy, multistakeholder partnerships and dialogues, relations with donors and multilaterals.

He is board member and treasurer for E3PO – the European Federation of PPP Operating companies.

As a Belgium national, Thomas is fluent in Dutch, English, French,  German, and Spanish.