Mamadou Dia


Mamadou Dia is an hydraulic engineer currently President of Aquafed and Director Water and Sanitation of Group Eranove.

Mamadou Dia, from Senegal, is an hydraulic engineer since 1977. His professional career began in the Senegalese national water supply company SONEES the same year. He has held various positions in the company including Director of Operations from 1990 to 1996.

From April 1996 to November 2006, he served as Deputy Director General of the Sénégalaise Des Eaux (SDE), the private company in charge of production and distribution of drinking water in the main urban centers of the country. From November 2006 to April 2015, Mamadou Dia was Managing Director of the SDE.

He was also President of the African Water Association (AfWA), the largest organization in the continent in the areas of water and sanitation, from July 2006 to February 2012. He was also member of the Executive Committee of IWA (International Water Association).

Today, Mamadou is President AQUAFED. He has been a member of the AquaFed Executive Committee for many years. He remains Vice-President of SDE and is Director Water and Sanitation of ERANOVE.

During his entire professional career Mamadou Dia was devoted to the urban water sector in Senegal and Africa. For more than three decades, he was one of the main actors who have contributed to the development of this sector.

His expertise is regularly sought and recognized in other African countries. Mamadou Dia has often worked as an expert for the African Development Bank and the World Bank, mainly on issues related to the development of the water sector in developing countries. He is also President of the Senegalese Association for Standardization (ASN) since 2001 and he is President of the Departemental Council of Podor (Senegal) 

March 14th 2015


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