AquaFed membership is open to all private companies that are active in public water and/or wastewater service management through contracts, joint-ventures or licenses with public authorities. It is also open to other companies active in the water sector.

Water companies can be linked to the Federation in three ways:

  •  as members of a national association of private water operators
  • as direct members of the Federation
  • as subsidiaries of one of the above-mentioned companies.

In 2016, after more than 10 years of operation, the Federation brings together over 400 water and wastewater service providers of various sizes from 40 countries.

If your organisation would like to join the Federation, we invite you to send a request by email ( thomas@aquafed.org).

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AquaFed membership is open to all private companies that are active in public water and/or wastewater services management through contracts, joint-ventures or licenses with public authorities. It is also open to other companies active in the water sector. 


In 2015, after 10 years of operation, the Federation brings together over 400 water and wastewater service providers of various sizes from 40 countries. 


The Brazilian National Association of Water and Wastewater Providers represents the Brazilian privately-controlled water and wastewater companies. There are 17 members companies in ABCON serving approximately 16 million people.



Acque Toscane SPA (part of the Suez group)



AFEB (Association Fédérative des gestionnaires privés de réseaux d'Eau du Bénin) is the association of small scale operators (fermiers d’eau) of Bénin. It comprises 24 operators and various associates. These operators are responsible for village drinking water supplies (Adduction d’Eau Villageoise "AEV" and standpipes). The aim of the association is to contribute to the reinforcement of public private partnerships and to professionalise public service water operation. Its mission is to support the professional and sustainable management of public water supply systems and to improve the performance of water supply for the villages: AFEB affiliates serve over 450.000 people.

AFEB is AquaFed's national member in Benin.

Agbar - Scociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona

Since 1867, the companies which make up Agbar have brought the future to the management of water and the environment, continuously applying new developments, technological advances and knowledge. After over 145 years, Agbar is an international benchmark, with a presence in eleven countries: Spain, Chile, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Algeria, Peru, Brazil, Turkey and United States. Agbar adapts to the needs of the societies in which it participates in order to offer the best service to 25,6 million people, every day.



Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Sanitarios - Chile The Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Servicios Sanitarios (ANDESS) represents Chilean privately-controlled water and sewerage companies. Its 19 members daily serve 12 million people in Chile with water or wastewater services.



AGUAS ANDINAS -  www.aguasandinas.cl  
AGUAS ANTOFAGASTA - www.aguasantofagasta.cl 
AGUAS ARAUCANIA - www.aguasaraucania.cl  
AGUAS CHAÑAR - www.aguaschanar.cl  
AGUAS CORDILLERA - www.aguascordillera.cl  
AGUAS DEL ALTIPLANO - www.aguasdelaltiplano.cl  
AGUAS DEL VALLE  - www.aguasdelvalle.cl   
AGUAS LOS DOMINICOS - www.aguasandinas.cl
AGUAS MAGALLANES - www.aguasmagallanes.cl 
AGUAS NUEVO SUR MAULE - www.nuevosur.cl 
AGUAS PATAGONIA DE AYSEN - www.aguaspatagonia.cl 
ESSAL - www.essal.cl 
ESSBIO - www.essbio.cl 
ESVAL - www.esval.cl  


Asociace provozovatelů vodovodů a kanalizací ČR joined the Federation in 2013. APROVAK CR is the Czech national federation of private water companies who collectively serve approximately 5 million people with water and wastewater services in the Czech Republic.


APWO - Uganda

Association of Private Water Operators - Uganda - www.apwouganda.co.ug The Association of Private Water Operators (APWO) represents private water companies that operate in Uganda. Its 18 members and affiliates serve daily 0.6 million people in Uganda with water or wastewater services.

  • Able Holdings Ltd
  • Amazing Enterprises
  • Ark Associates Ltd
  • Bright Technical Services
  • G & B Technical Services Ltd
  • Irumu & Associates Lmd
  • JOWA Engineering Services Ltd.
  • Kagulu Multiple Services Ltd.
  • Kikaaya Establishment
  • Neal Engineers & Contractors Ltd
  • Power Technical Services
  • Rika construction Co. Ltd.
  • Seamok Services Ltd.
  • Tradint Ltd.
  • Turwamu Construction Company Ltd.
  • Universal Water supply and Sanitation Services Ltd.
  • WASH Consults Ltd.
  • WSS Services (U) Ltd.
  • Crestanks Ltd. (affiliate)
  • Mohamed Salih (affiliate)


Aqualia is the water management company owned by the citizen services group FCC (51%) and by the Australian ethical fund IFM Investors (49%). The company is Europe's fourth largest private water company in terms of population served and ranks amongst the top ten worldwide (Global Water Intelligence, August 2019). It currently serves over 25 million people across 1,100 municipalities in 18 countries: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Portugal, Qatar, the Czech Republic, Romania and Tunisia. The company reported EUR 1,115 million of revenue in 2018, with an order back log of nearly EUR 15,000 million.


Balibago Waterworks System Inc.

Balibago Waterworks System, Inc. (BWSI) is a privately owned company established in May 20, 1958.


Today, BWSI provides running water to more than 150,000 households throughout its franchise areas. BWSI works closely with the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) in the pursuit of improving potable water supply in the countryside which is likewise one of the priority goals of the national government. After 54 years in public service, the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) considers BWSI the largest and most efficiently operated provincial privately owned waterworks system in the country.


Formerly known as Finagestion, the Eranove Group is a leading player in public service management and electricity and drinking water production in West Africa. The Group has been operating in Côte d’Ivoire (SODECI, CIE, CIPREL and AWALE) for several decades, in Senegal (SDE) since 1996 and in the Democratic Republic of Congo, via a service contract with REGIDESO, since 2012.



Eurawasser is a water and wastewater services operator, part of the REMONDIS AQUA group.



FP2E – Fédération Professionnelle des Entreprises de l’Eau – France (www.fp2e.org) The French National Association of Private Water Operators represents the quasi-totality of French private water companies. Its 7 members serve daily 45 million people in France with water services and 29 million with wastewater services.


Honorary Members

AquaFed is proud to associate the following Honorary Members to its work: M. Erasmo DE ALFONSO M. Michael DEANE M. Jacques LABRE M. Xavier MAITREROBERT M. Lluis MARTINEZ CAMPS M. John Michael (Jack) MOSS M. Dominique PIN M. Pierre VICTORIA



Lydec serves more than 4,5 million people in the greater Casablanca area, Morocco.


LYSA Group

LYSA is an international operator, specialised in water and sanitation that operates in medium-sized towns (100,000 to 500,000 inhabitants) in developing countries throughout the world, who are upgrading the level of their services.


Metro Pacific Water

Metro Pacific Water


Metro Pacific Water (MPW) is the investor company for all water and wastewater infrastructure projects of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) outside Metro Manila and across Asia. With a comunity based approach MPW designs and implements infrastructure projects with the communities we work with to provide them with convenient access to safe and clean water. MPW is a wholly owned subsidiary of MPIC—the leading infrastructure holding company in the Philippines. MPW was incorporated in the Philippines and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 19, 2011.


More information about Metro Pacific Water: here


NAWC is AquaFed's national member in the USA. Its members help provide water and sanitation services to over 70 million American citizens (1 quarter of the population)



PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (PALYJA) has been present in Jakarta to improve clean water provision and services to the people in the western part of Jakarta since February 1st, 1998 for a 25 years of Cooperation Agreement with PAM Jaya. PALYJA is part of SUEZ – France. Since 1998 PALYJA has successfully increased the access to clean water becoming more than 405 thousand connections reaching more than 3 million people in the Western part of Jakarta.


Prime Water Corp

With More Than 30 Years Experience In Providing The Operation And Maintenance Of Water Distribution Systems Throughout The Country PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp. has been providing support to communities, real estate development and water authorities


SAUR Sevan

Saur Sevan



​La Sénégalaise Des Eaux assure l'exploitation​ et la gestion du service public de l'eau potable en milieu urbain depuis 1996. Elle a été mandatée par l'Etat du Sénégal à la suite de la restructuration du sous-secteur de l'hydraulique urbaine sur la base d'un Contrat d'Affermage.




Operated by Veolia



SOEDIC is ERANOVE's subsidiary in Ivory Coast and an Associate Member of AquaFed.



SPML is spearheading, executing and managing high-value water management projects in the Water sector, on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) & Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis.


Suez Water (North America)

Suez Water North America, subsidiary of Suez and Associate Member of AquaFed


The Macao Water Company

Sino-French Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited, a joint venture which was formed by Lyonnaise des Eaux and Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited, too over of Macao Water in June 1985 with 85% of equity. In the same year, a 25-year water supply contract was also signed with the Macau Government. In June 1997, Lyonnaise des Eaux and Compagnie de Suez merged to form "Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux". Then, Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux changed its name to Suez. Suez Environnement was created in 2001 when Suez united its water-related companies under a single new brand. New World Infrastructure Limited later bought the equity of "SFH" from Chow Tai Fook Enterprises Limited in November 1997. In February 2003, NWS Holdings Limited managed the water projects in New World Group after the completion of reorganization of New World Group. Sino-French Holdings ( Hong Kong) Limited now is the joint venture from SUEZ ENVIRONNMENTand NWS Holdings Limited.



Veolia AMI is a French holding company with water, wastewater and electricity operations exclusively in Africa, the Middle East and India (AMI)


Veolia Australia

Subsidiary of Veolia in Australia and Associate Member of AquaFed



Veolia's subsidiary in India is an AquaFed Associate Member


Vergnet Hydro

Present in over 30 countries, with a focus on Africa